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Blood and Weetabix

Welcome to Indri's BtVS fanfiction archive. This is Version 2.7.

"Indri is one of the most talented, interesting, and unique writers of Buffyverse fanfic" according to the All About Spike webmistress, and "one of the all time greats of the fandom" according to shapinglight, neither of whom I bribed. Also pleasing is that the following stories have been recommended by the BetterBuffyFic mailing list: Shagging Harmony Kendall, Descent, Hotel Lavear, Foreign Devils, Some Years Later, A Good Man, and DeNile.

January 2012: The trilogy about Giles and Ethan is completed by the addition of Ethan Rayne Versus America.

The Magicians: A trilogy on Ethan Rayne and Rupert Giles.

Giles in Bring On the Night Halfway There
What happened to Giles in Season Season? PG13. 22 500 words.
Hands stretch over an altar as the Eyghon spell is case. In the Morning of the Magicians
Giles and Ethan, the electric Kool-Aid funky Satan groove year, in the early seventies. M. 95 000 words.
A row of Initiative cells. Ethan Rayne Versus America
Ethan underground: his time with the Initiative. PG13. 3 800 words.

Spike, Dru and all that, now presented largely in chronological order.

William A Good Man William before he died.
Spoilers to Fool for Love. PG13. 2200 words.
Spike and Dru: the early years Honeymoon William after he died.
Spoilers to Fool for Love. NC17. 4400 words.
Cecily looks anguished Cecily's Lament William wasn't the only one writing bloody awful poetry.
Spoilers to Fool for Love. G. 200 words.
Spike and the Chinese slayer Foreign Devils The tale of the Chinese Slayer.
Spoilers to Fool for Love. PG13. 4500 words.
Dru, Mr C.D. and Spike Hotel Lavear South America, 1998, from the chaos demon's point-of-view.
Spoilers to Fool for Love. PG. 7600 words.
Joyce DeNile Spike and Joyce share a cuppa.
Late BtVS Season 4. PG. 1300 words.
Cheeseman and the First Slayer Spike's Dream from "Restless": The Budget Version
My first fanfic. Everyone has to have one. PG. 1200 words.

Spike in the basement Descent A post-Grave piece written with the benefit of Season Seven hindsight.
Spoilers to Lies My Parents Told Me. R. 13500 words.
Spike ponders the amulet Doomed Spike and Buffy, the night before the day after.
During Chosen. G. 200 words.
Harmony in bed from
    Harsh Light of Day Shagging Harmony Kendall
After You're Welcome. NC17. 1550 words.
Spike looking evil Some Years Later Four short (now AU) pieces about Buffy's exes. 5400 words.
Angel: Parting Gifts (PG13) Riley: Real Me (PG)
Spike: What's My Line? (R) Parker: Living Conditions (G)

On Fred and Illyria.

Illyria looks up Blue Afterwards, Illyria.
Post Not Fade Away. PG. 400 words.
Illyria as Fred in The Girl in 
   Question Return Fred goes home.
Set after Not Fade Away. PG. 2300 words.


Spike All Purpose Spike
Some Spikes you are likely to meet in canon and in fanfic.
Giles The Cardboard Giles blog
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