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Indri was wearing black boots and eating Weetabix long before Spike was a twinkle in Joss Whedon's eye. BtVS fanfic is her only vice. Really.

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Indri are lemurs, prosimians native to Madagascar. Their name reputedly means "There he is!" in a local language. Indri are possibly the largest living species of lemur. They have large, reflective eyes, very short tails, and a haunting call. They look like a cross between a teddy bear and a monkey.

You can learn more about indri indri here and here.

About archaeoindri

A still larger species of lemur, whose extinction coincided with the arrival of humans on Madagascar about a thousand years ago. Unfortunately, there are no good websites on archaeoindri: it's a fairly obscure beast. Known from only a couple of partial skeletons, I believe.

Why have I named myself after an extinct Madagascan prosimian?

Because once, when I was small, I picked up a book titled something like Great Supernatural Mysteries of the World, and it fell open to an illustration that frightened me for months. The picture was of a Lemurian, one of the stranger creatures of Madame Blavatsky's cosmology. Many years later, in an effort to conquer my (not very debilitating) fear of Lemurians, I learnt about lemurs. The indri, with their rudimentary tails, flat faces and relatively long legs, are the species which to my mind most closely resembles the sort-of-humanoid inhabitants of Blavatsky's mythical Lemuria.

And besides, there aren't many English-language nouns left to pick as Yahoo Mail usernames, so I had to pick something properly obscure.

Pity I can barely spell it.

An indri.