Some Years Later

By Indri

SUMMARY: Fourth part of the Some Years Later series: four short pieces about Buffy's exes. Written in May, 2002 while I was watching the end of Season Five, knowing a single spoiler from "Smashed".


Parker has the perfect house: single-storey, open-plan, architect-designed. It is filled with perfect furniture that he paid someone else to choose. There's a fat leather sofa, a pine-and-wicker coffee table, a huge bed. The decor is all neutral and the rooms are filled with light. It would look a little too like a magazine spread, except that he carefully places a few homely objects here and there, to make the place look lived in and to act as conversation pieces. There's some magazines, a stuffed toy, an SFMOMA mug, and a photo of his oh-so-conveniently-dead father.

Outside the house is a perfectly-groomed garden that he never sits out in and a finely-manicured lawn that has never known his feet. He has an expensive car parked in the garage, and he drives it to work six days a week. He's made quite a name for himself in advertising these past few years, making good of what's left of the dotcoms of San Jose: the cheques keep rolling in. He's thinking of buying a holiday home out near Carmel, maybe a boat.

And if someone (he thinks maybe it was the brunette from a few weeks ago---she looked unstable) has recently poured weedkiller over his lawn and thrown paint over the garage doors, then it was nothing that the gardener and the janitor couldn't fix for him in an hour or two.

So he has a right to feel pleased. He's exactly where he wanted to be. Exactly where he expected to be.

And this is what Buffy fights for, the normal turning of the world.

Angel/ Riley/ Spike/ Parker
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