All-Purpose Spike

Note: The following originated as part of a chat on the Better Buffy Fics forum on Spike's versatility as a fanfic character.

[Deepa]>I realised, Spike seems to go with everything.

[Indri]> I think also that part of the appeal is that there are many plausible versions of Spike. He's a sufficiently complicated character that an author can pick out just a couple of traits and run with them. He's All-Purpose Spike as well as All-Flavoured.

Consider some versions. There's:

Thoroughly Evil Spike for those moments when your least favorite Buffyverse characters need to be kidnapped or killed.

The Big Bad who only thinks he's Thoroughly Evil Spike but in fact couldn't hatch a plan to escape from a paper bag. Usually comic relief.

Drunken Spike aka LovelornSpike for pathos, comic relief and occasional bath scenes.

Plot Thickener Spike who may be any of the other versions of Spike as well, but who will set some plot aspect into motion just because he is bored.

Medical Experiment Spike aka Caged Panther Spike for all your metaphorical needs about man, nature and different kinds of evil.

Unlikely Romantic Hero Spike for your favourite Spuffyfics.

The Spike You Could Take Home to Mother because no-one else is asking Joyce for her opinion.

Big Brother Spike because no-one else is asking Dawn for her opinion.

Stalker Spike who can be either quite evil, comic relief or an excuse for a sex scene.

Rebellious Abused Child Spike (aka Will), who appears in many Fanged Four fics, costarring Angelus as the evil dad, Darla as an uncaring mum and Drusilla as the adored and incestuous sister.

Abused Spouse Spike

Abusing Spouse Spike including all Spike/Harmony fic.

Unstoppable Sex Machine Spike

Spike Through History who wanders through Great Moments of the Twentieth Century like some evil incarnation of Dr Who, hanging out in Prohibition bars and chatting up John Lennon. Sometimes accompanied by his beautiful assistant, Drusilla, but more often than not she's been chained to a bedpost so that Unstoppable Sex Machine Spike can have his way with the locals.

Spike the Speaker of Home Truths aka Dr Ruth Spike

Spike the Author of Godawful Poetry

Spike the Complete Jerk for those moments when Angel really needs to lose his temper.

Existential Angst Spike who _does not brood_ but it looks awfully like it.

Redemptionista Spike because if he can be saved, there's hope for us all.

The Wrong Boyfriend Spike who rides on his motorcycle wearing too much leather. Shouldn't you be dating that nice grad student instead?

The Englishman Abroad Spike who will mock the US, munch on his Weetabix and use words like "bint".

Odd Couple Spike one half of any comedy duo.

Try Hard Spike who through his (sometimes) selfless and unrewarded actions becomes a metaphor for someone from the wrong side of the tracks trying to make good. Also useful if you want to demonstrate that Person X/Y/Z is an uncaring bitch/bastard who doesn't deserve Try Hard Spike's assistance and/or affection.

Sir Spike who owns a castle in England and is very rich because all British people are like that, don't you know?

Abandoned Childe Spike

Shotgun Wedding Spike who has had to fix his hair and get a real job because there's a Little Bad on the way and now he has to help pay for its upkeep and the wedding.

John Constantine Spike named after the long-coated, blond Londoner of the Hellblazer comics who wanders the mean streets, investigating dark magic, reeking of cigarette smoke and moral ambiguity.

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